Saturday, July 30, 2011

A word, spoilt

Hve you ever thought how a word means so much ?


people said that in so many situations.
and it was supposed to heal whatever our scar means.
yr bestfriend's raped and killed and the damn said IM SORRY
yr mum was involved in an accident caused by a fool motorcyclist and he went to see you just to say IM SORRY fr yr lost
you was scolded fr something you didnt commit and the teacher was somehow mad-seriously-hell-mad at you, and days later someone came up to say IM SORRY and he admit he was the asshole who did that thing you spend yr day being scolded at

and what, we're expected to just forgive and forget?
bahhhh gosh thts ergh thts just *speechless
foineeeeeee good ppl will always forgive but thts it?
isnt the wrongdo-er get his punishment?!

this is when you hve to think of god.
the world's aint fair but it's fair and square there.

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