Saturday, June 4, 2011

Water splash, Yeayy (?)


So, It's Saturdaay everyone. Wht do kids usually do on saturday ? IDK. Maybe kids dont hve homeworks,PFFTT. so pissed off man.
Akak and I was supposed to go to Kak Long's hse in Puchong to help around. Well, technically we helped duhh. We brought Auni to swim (!!) HIHI. She likes to swim sooo much laaa (Y)
Had dinner in Bangi, at Kak Kartini's house. Ohlalala, the food scrumptiously massive. Fuyohh, gearbox straight from Kelantan. Agaga, sorry Captain, janji tak melantak cuti nih bagai dh terhapus dek kek coklat dan ayam goreng (NYAM)

Angin Ahmar.
Such a weird name fr a common disease,rightt?
Known as Strok FYI.
Seriously, why would some of us want to do bad bad things to others? such as curses etc.
I cant elaborate, cause I have nothing on ths subject.
Goodnight babeyh.

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