Wednesday, June 8, 2011


There's a flame burning. Man it's red. ANGRYRED. It was deep inside the hole in yr heart.
And today it burst man.

I was .. angry (?) Somehow everything doesn't seems fine. It went all wrong. And why now?

1. My only jeans gone missing
2. The printer is stuck, damn and i'm doing my
3.Felt awfully bad of what I asked him
4.Knew the painful truth ?
5. and voila, i'm purely mad :)

See, I was trying to spend my time the best way I can this holidays. I even made a promise in my diary to stop messing around, and perhaps do something useful this time. Lame stuffs is a no-no this time. I tried harder day after day. blerghhhh i'm tired of this nonsense. Tired of trying. And tired of hoping.

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