Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm sorry bloggie.
Thought of updating yesterday,seriously /:)
But after that trip to Bangi to visit Kak Kartini, I fell on flat on my bed --'
Okayyy, tht's my falldown for yesterday. Agagaga.
So, I wasn't a movie-marathon-maniac, as far as I concern. But well, Insidious scared the hell outta me. Thnks to Najwa and Hanina for being kind enough to accompany me in the cinema. What, I'm not gonna watch alone. Blerghhh /x{
But then, I met this 16yrs old-girl-from-sevens. Well, CLAPCLAP. She had the guts to watch alone mehh. Frankly, I watched with her since she sat beside me. Hehe, yeah hell we screamed. Hanina dropped her popcorn (Y) Miahahaha, *hanina, if you're reading this,well good for me I'm away to JB shortly [so you can't slaughter me] hoho x)
Well, it was fun.
Fun to hve buddies around to watch movies.
To Farah N, it was suppose to be you to watch INSIDIOUS yesterday, but then my luck. HIHI :) *nmpk tak angel face nih? agagaga.

OMG. I just heard this voice. grrrrr. It said 'ndeh ndeh'.
oh, Auni woke up.
Thts my cue to hve some jolly time with myself. Now gonna spend my precious time preventing her from exploring the kitchen.
What, it's dangerous you know. With onions all over the floor and chillies on the wall (?!)
toodles little people of the world. ENJOY (Y)

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