Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lots of love ;

Haaaaiii peeps. I'm pretty tired and darn I'm sleepy --'
But still going to talk A BIT bout today :)
Well, seriously KARAK is scaryy mann. I cant understand why Hakim said its funny. blaaaahh :O so, Ain and I took the KTM from Shh Alam to KL Sentral and next to Mid. We had lunch at KR. Gosh, the food was superb. We all had grumbling stomaches derr. BTW, Diyana Taib, anda lah kawan horror movie aku *winks. ehe,hebattt ah kita tgk tanpa mata. Agagaga.
I had nothing to say exactly. Conclusion made : TODAY IS SUPERB.


Sheera H said...

At least you're gutsy to actually drag your butts into the cinema and sit there and watch Karak. Haha :D

Qisya said...

Haha x) try laah. cool punya movie agaga