Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why why hello. Hey I guess it's just another boring Tuesday. I was started to think of wht i'll become in eons to come. Seriously, all i want is money money and fun (hoyeaaaaah) as if,i'm gonna study hard just fr money. Erk, seriously? Nah, of course not. *gulp. I hope not.
HAHA. what, don't tell me money is nothing. money is everything babeh ! without money, there's no fun. hallelujah (!!) well, but typical saying goes. MONEY CAN'T BUY LOVE. i am not risking my precious life to argue with tht. Huh. LIELIELIE. to not care about money is bull*
oc, everyone wants money. i want money too !
okay okay, enough already with the moneyshit.
start talking of career. I CANT DECIDE. fuhh, it was a bit pathetic to not have an ambition by now. hello, I am fifteen. maybe it's not old for you. bahhh, perhaps i'm thinking if taking medic. but hell, it needs a lot of sacrifice. I guess, i mean A LOTT. no no no. engineering? IDK,wht do they do? But, i hv no passion in art,sorry no offence. but seriously, me? draw? babyyyy run fr yr life *ugh*
wht else? Accountancy? tht is the best choise i hv now. even i dont really hv the idea of how they work. despite the fact that all of my siblings are accountants. BOO ME.
well well well, to type is to talk. and i guess i'm doing too much of talking now.
guess i'm not being fair to my body to let my mouth do sooo much talking but my hands are the one to be tortured.
being a good-so-many-body-parts-owner, i'm bidding farewell.
bye losers sayang.
xoxo, QS.

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