Saturday, March 12, 2011

OMG !!

So, whts OMG? Oh my god is it? Teeeeeeeeeet, u got it wrong man. OMG stands fr OH MAK GUARD ! Haha, histerical.

So, life as a third former, hmm menarikk.
We've done many mistakes for the start of the year, and we hope to make a progress in months to come, as a preparation for PMR.
We learned, I learned, that teachers are very fragile. Handle with care. Once broken,considered doom. I,too, learned to give and take. To give in in times even I've done nothing wrong. To always tell the truth even in the worst imaginable condition ever. To hold on to our dream, even it seems to slide away from us slowly. To keep on having faith, as it is what make us stronger.And the most important of all, to appreciate. appreciate the present, the people around us, the bad day we're having and turn it into something jolly. To never sigh and complaint about life. Setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya. this is wht makes me feel energetic to explore the day everytime i wake up. This saying that makes me feel alright to get scolded by the teachers, to be dump by my friends, to be left behind, to be hurt, to feel so lonely, to feel so hated, and to feel so ,miserable.
It saved me from doing unthinkable things.
I love my day all along.
I really dont know what is the point of blogging tonight, but it seems the right thing, although obviously it's not as i got my homeworks and my sleeping schedule to cover on.
Maybe i should start thinking in a different ways. I want to stop posting silly photos to internet. I want to be matured, but still be me. I want to change others perspective about me,at the same time still remain myself. BOLEH KE?
YA boleh.
mesti boleh.
percaya boleh.
haruslah boleh.

Thts it.

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