Sunday, January 30, 2011

STF tanpa STFians?

Yeaaah selamat pagi di sana. Apa khabar?

guess what, i'm stuck in STF. Only me plus a few more students. 11 students in an empty school !
We can do whatever we cant do x) we own this school man !
ngeeeeee,excited terlebih.
issue sensasi kini, Hm STF TANPA STFIAN?! sgt bosan. bosan sgt. gila bosan. bosan gila.
time nih lah, i realized how much i need my friends, this is the time when i know i miss them the very much. bahhhh stf sangaaaat laah sunyi tanpa korang disisi :) weh, dining hall tuh lagi sunyi darpd time makan lunch saing. HARHAR.
and, i of course i can use the washing machine ANYTIME i want. I can use the plugs whenever i want, i can sing while i walk around the school. i can do this and that. tapii kalau korang ada lagii best :')
yeaaah first time stay kat school masa cuti. sangat sedih. i know i'm phatetic, i know i am already in the third form. I should be stronger, but I tried and I failed. I did just that. Bak kata Anne *air skrng sgt berharga* :p
awww, haha.
I was being pessimistic to think WHAT IF i'm home now, WHAT IF i'm on my way to shah alam already. I said too much WHAT IF, that i forgot to enjoy the present. Yes, I should go on. Only for a week !
I think i'm exaggrating this fact, but i care what.

all fr now, bye.


Noorfaqihah said...

at least kau ada chance yang orang lain tak ada. appreciate it girl!

anne athira said...

ye air itu mmg BERHARGA!! so jage jgn bg dye tumpa x tentu psl..haha