Saturday, December 11, 2010


Some parents, actually set their children,our, future and career. Well, being a good child, we did what they want us to do. We be what they want us to be. They push us, for our own good they said. Maybe thts true, but wht about passion and happiness? What about chasing dreams? And making a fantasy a reality? What about US? What we want to do ? What are our choices? And how do WE want to live?
Parents should have faith in their children. Parents should put a little bit of trust in our decisions and choices. Yeah ok, give some advices here and there, but eventually let us do the choosing.
Career is a big word of how we want to live. For a high-school-student-like-me, it's not really necessary for me to think about this right now, but later on this "career thingy" will be a bug in my life. So why not we think now ?
Seriously, I cant think of a appropriate ambition that I really love. I cant decide wht's my passion. Despite of doing it for money, we have to love what we do. That way, we're living our life.

I sail in Optimist, a few years back. When I went to STF, I left one of my passion, sailing. And I am regretting. But its never too late right? To start again and be a beginner, dont mind what they say. Dont mind the jokes and laughs tht i'll get.
Another passion I 'quit' was playing piano. I am struggling to recognice all the notes that I have left behind. Thanks to Shafienie, I learned a couple of new songs.

when we hesistate and ask ourselves " when are we going to do it?" , the answer will always and forever going to be "NOW"

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