Friday, December 31, 2010

New year new hair

Happy New 2011 guys.
So, based on the topic up there, it's kinda obvious what I'm about to write kan. Today I went to a saloon for a haircut. The last time I went to a saloon was when I was 11yrs old. Exactly, 3 yrs ago. My mum usually give me a haircut whenever i feel like my hair is unnecessarily long and, well, hideous. So, I was talking to my mum to give me a haircut assuming that she would do it just like many times before. Then my sister was recommending this affordable saloon at The Empire. So I just nod and agree to go there for a haircut. So we went. Well, it was kinda exciting to have someone washing and combing and styling our hair when you've not been experiencing that for 3 years x)
So, korang mesti nk tau en mcm mana laaaa rambut Qisya now nih. So this is it..

Yep, mohawk, just like my friend suggested to me. Thats when I say, never dare Qisya, she's gonna do it no matter how crazy it is , as long it doesnt involve blahblahblah. HAHA
Cool en. Nanti kalau ada org cari pasal, aku sondol je dia guna rambut aku yg super tajam nih :)
ohh yeaaah (Y)


Please lah jangan cakap korang percaya -,-
i'm not THAT crazy nk buat rmbut mcm tuh. tak kena dgn Tun Fatimah Girl :p
Korang google Victoria Beckham, haaa now ni aku Victoria Beckham_ii


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Ikhemal Areff said...

wui , aku tahu siapa yang suggest rambut mohawk kat kau . Muehehehe :)