Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beyond freaky


Korang pernah tak ada dua mimpi sekali? I mean mesti la pernah kan. tapiii satu sweet dream yang sweet sgt, satu lagi night mare.

I did, just now.

The plan was to wake up early, umi nk amek breakfast kt luar. ye laa I did notice Umi waking me up. And I remembered talking like " uhhh, ok. jap"
And do also remember having this sweet dream. Pasal sorang budak nih yg I knew through FB. Ta selalu pun chat , tapii dia boleh pulak masuk dlm mimpi I. and ada satu dialog nih yang gila gaban ah. Dia cakap mcm ni "Orang yang I perassan first is you."
Yelah YOU is me -.-
dalam dream tuh macam lalalala all the time kot. felt so happy as if I'm soaring. Rasa bahagia meletup letup HAHA sebab dia sangat lah sweet and being all nice :)
Part yang agak unbelievable is that masa my mum kejut tuh, the dream was like in a pause mode. bila my mum walk away and gave up on waking me up, the dream was immediately in playing mode. i know, FREAKY. tapii ini tada tipu punya -,-
Then suddenly, yang la-la-la-dream tuh ended and replaced with this bad dream.
I was already in STF. and yang i notice, STF sekolah campur (!!) ada boys and girls. semua molek molek belaka KIHKIHKIH
no the scary part is that, I forgot to bring my SCHOOL UNIFORMS hoyeaaah. then tatau cmne, my family was lying on this "king sized bed" just talking and laughing. When i said (pratically screaming) to my dad that I left my uniforms, he just make his dont-know-face. then my sister said she brought one. ONLY ONE piece. tuh pun kain tak matching.
I was really feeling panic rising in me, in the dream

Then, LUCKILY , handphone i vibrate. K fatin said nk start lesson awal hari nih at 10.30
and it was already 10 am. I rush to the bathroom. And finished showering at 10.15 HIHI.
lepas tuh grab a kaya pau wait for k fatin.



Diy Taib said...

skolah campur.woohoo:DDD

Qisya said...

hehe kan kan

Noorfaqihah said...

nasib baik mimpi je weyh.. ta pasal2 pakai kain xmatching 1st day skolah

Qisya said...

agak ah kan haha. fashion crime