Monday, December 20, 2010

Allah's creation. Subhanallah

Hey peeps.
I am currently enjoying the fantabulous scenery at Lake Toba.
Greeen and blueee of the lake is unexplainable, seiously.
even abg iqar's Nikon D5000 cannot capture photos that can tell all the beauty of nature.
Actually, saja je nk brag sikit psl camera tuh. A lot of people do that nowadays. semua org nk declare dia ada big black camera ! Ugh, tolonglah. Menyampah :) pls no offence. this is a blog fr everyone to read. not only YOU.
So like I was saying about the camera.
Dont you think EYES are the most powerful superb camera that we owned?
It can captures ALL the great moments of our lifes. All the ridiculous poses, the magical animals, and all others that we cant even think about.
just be thankful guys.
you dont have to brag about yr big black cammy cause, i have one too. a better one. my eyes.
if only, i can show what my eyes had been witnessing all of my 14years of living.
and i bet you guys want to show me too right?


Noorfaqihah said...

betol apa ko cakap tu.. subhanallah..

Fisya Zebra said...

i love this post Qis (:

Qisya said...

QIHAH ; yes x)
FIQAH : thnks