Friday, November 12, 2010

Too much babbling can hurts.

helloo there. miss me not? haha.

tamat sudah zaman f2 saya :) kembali ke skolah sebagai third formers, or else known as PMR candi.
perghh, hidup mmg hebat dan funtastic gitu yeaaah.


let me recall my memories right after the previous hollys.

1) Prefect Dinner.
my first and last :)

2) MAKK. II Setia technically dipaksa buat choral speaking. tapii gempak siaaaak :D

3) Party Dorm. "eyy there. I'm Qisya the Arab Gelek-er" C(:

4) Party class

5) for sure sure lah nasib kelas thn dpan juga dah diketahui. adoi.

i thought i got loads loads to share, but seems like thts all in my head right now.
hmm wht to do ?
maybe i should take my bath, and freshen my mind. FRESH

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