Monday, November 29, 2010


People always give good words and phrases that we actually are proud of. Even though, it's not us that created the phrases. The inspiring phrases. So there's one : All of us make mistakes. Those who don't do mistakes aren't humans, neither are them normal beings. Perhaps they're angels? So we're given choices in this life. We can choose what we think is right, or what we think is the best for us and others that have a place in our heart. When we choose wrongly, we might - and surely - hurt others - many others. and some of them are willingly to forgive and forget. But some just ain't that cool. Some of them - us- kept the coldness in deep core of our heart , and just won't give the mistaker another chance. Pdahl, everyone deserve another chance. Another chance so that they make the right decision that time. A chance that can prove something they're. Have we ever think that we're very unlucky to be treated in a certain unlovely way ? But ever we try to actually think on behalf of the other person? Maybe that is the best at that certain time. Maybe? who knows? Maybe he just can't do what we expect them to do. So , let it be.
never expect a great thing from others. put yr hope low, so you won't be dissapointed , or feeling low.

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