Saturday, November 13, 2010

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is back

Heaven !!
The biggest book sale is back ( !! )

ppl ppl, I assume you know my passion for books.
when i read, as if I can pretend to have some other lifes, i know its
kinda phatetic , but hell what ?!
I like to live in different lifes.

So I bought LOADS of books.
seiously a James Patterson's for RM 8 ?! gotta be kiddin.
this is a lifetime chance.
G.R.A.B IT !

Well, tapii tak byk chick-flips, kinda frustrated.
yg ada all adventurous and physcho crimes.
tapi apakan daya, dah terpikat terus capai dan masuk dalam kotakk

jumlah buku altogether : 24 novels.

But this one caught my attention:
A Life in Pieces: The Harrowing Story of a Woman with 17 Personalities
A LIFE IN PIECES by Richard K.Baer
the harrowing true story of a woman with multiple personality disorder

"I want to tell you a bout me. I was born on October 29,1967 on Karen's communion day. Karen was being hurt. Karen dies that day and I was born."

One afternoon in 1898, Karen Overhill walks into psychiatrist Richard Baer's office complaining of vague physical pains, depression and a persistent memory problem. Routinely, she 'loses' parts of her day, finding herself in places she doesnt remember going to, or being told about conversations she doesnt remember hacving.
Then Baer receives an envelope in the post. It's marked with Karen's return address but contains a letter from a little girl who writes that she's seven years old and live inside Karen. Soon Baer receives lettlers from others claiming the be parts of Karen.
Realising that his patient represents an extreme case of miltiple personality disorder, baer faces the daunting task of creating a therapy that will make Karen whole again. Somehow he must gain the trust of each Karen's 17 'alters' and convince them the necessity of their own annihilation.

wow kan ?

persoalan kini : ok qisya,kau nk baca yg mana dulu ?

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