Saturday, September 18, 2010


12 January 2009, the hell begun :)
seriously, tatau lah nk hate ke nk love ke nk enjoy or just die.
Sayang kengkawan kat sini. suppose nya aku jadi niners, tapii dpt place in STF.
Well, things happen for something, there must be a reason for all things tht happened in our lives.
that, i leave it to ALlah.
I'm just gonna go for it, this is the best, He knows better than me.
As said in Surah As-Syura (if i'm not mistaken) , "apa yang kita suka tidak semestinya yang terbaik untuk kita. Dan apa yang terbaik untuk kita, tak semestinya sesuatu yg kita suka"
I just really hope, I can find a truly best friend to go through the challenges with me. I cant stand it to go on alone. Felt so wrong, felt so lonely .

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