Friday, September 17, 2010



Day : Friday [already ?!]
Date : 17 Sept 2010 [you're sure tk uat mistake? ntanta baruu 7 sept?]
Venue : Home [yess. Still.]
Occasion : Gathering [err,]

see yrself kat ats tuh. itu adlh reminder buat diri that hmm, approximately about 48 hrs more left to be at home :( grrr nih yg buhsan nih. kapeeesh (!!)


HW : double chck ngn clssm8. i act ter'forgot' apa hw 8)
Stuff : if you mean by grap, then its done.
Fav food : hmm like wht? lasagnea, belumm. triple cheese burger, dahh brrp. choc cake with hot fudge, belummm.


*qisya, cepatlaaa lepas gian kat rumah tuh. dh nk balik TF dah niee..

sekalii lagii KAPEESH (!!)

Dear readers, KAPEESH means ..... in german. Be my guest to find out :)

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