Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fuhhh -_-"

Tut tut.
Dah nak raya dah babe :) hari nih penaat gaban seyh. This morning, I went to the shopping complex with umi and akak. Aim : TUDUNG RAYA (!!) A.S.A.P.Fuhh I was dead tired. Felt like taking an ice-cream at that right moment. But well, obviously, it's still ramadhan -_-"
right after that, we went to visit the graveyard.Islam taught us to visit the dead during the evening of the last Ramadhan.That's when the soul of the dead came to visit their bodies. Afdhal gitu (:
Around 5 o'clock, we arrived home. And I saw EMIR! Emir's home. Awww that cute stuff.
HAHA.Lepas dengar takbir, kamii balik dengan riang ria. Malam raya kami tgk Lagenda Budak Setan. Seriously doh, malam raya tgk movie ? Pffft ta laraat
wtv, kami bahaaaagiaaa (:

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