Saturday, September 18, 2010

camera, kami jakun :)

Heyy. I just got back frm Srikandi's Hari Raya. umi yg invited. i and akak tag along.
well. i met my long-lost friend, yasmin. she's in stndrd 6 ths yr. ysmn,GL UPSR :) met her when i was standard 4 kot,during a trip to STF. Hmm dia pun ank sk , so i asked her if she wants to be a Srikandi in yrs to come, she said no. she wants to be in TKC. haha, goodluck deh. ofcourse, we ate. then akak ajak snap snap. so gila lah tgkp gmbr org mandi swimming. mcm mcm ragam gial :)

mamat tuh agak hensem bhai -.- ngeee

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